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French Cricket – Jack COLLISTER

Jack COLLISTER - 10/05/2022 In 2017 I started writing a book; the title was ‘Stumped’ and it was a murder mystery about a cricket team in England. I finished the book and then decided not to publish it for a long time. That is until I moved to France. If you speak to a group…
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English Food isn’t so bad… is it?

Jack COLLISTER - English Teacher - 05/04/2022 I’m sure you’ve all heard the ‘myth’ that English food is terrible. Maybe you’ve had a bad meal yourself when you visited the UK in the past. “The meat looked grey and it was boiled in hot water.” “The peas were too green and looked radioactive.” “What about…
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WHY GO TO THE ISLE OF MAN ? Many students at the British American Institute often ask me to recommend a place for them to visit, so they can practice their English. The majority of them have already been to London and thought it was an amazing city - which of course it is -…
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The Summer Holidays

Jack COLLISTER - English Teacher - 01/12/2021 With the weather getting colder, the summer holidays seem like a distant memory and even though it was complicated to plan a trip due to Covid19 restrictions, it was not impossible to take a vacation in France or in another country. This summer I decided to do a…
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